Ayurveda Treatments in Kerala

Ayurveda Treatments in Kerala

Kaya Chikitsa

Kayachikitsa is the main part of Astanga Ayurveda, all the more usually known as the eight-fanned Ayurveda. It manages general medication. The technique is alluded to Kaya Chikitsa. In this, kaya means ‘body’ and chikitsa signifies ‘treatment’. This training manages a scope of general maladies, basically skin issue, tuberculosis, diabetes, joint inflammation, rheumatoid and others.

Shalya Chikitsa

When you consider medical procedure, the trend setting innovation, science, and best in class bits of gear are what first rings a bell. In any case, relatively few realize that Ayurveda presented medical procedure well before therapeutic science did. Shalya Chikitsa gave alleviation when different meds fizzled.

Graha Chikitsa

Graha Chikitsa worries with the maladies obtained or acquired from causes obscure. This part of Ayurveda bargains unequivocally with mental conditions or all the more regularly known as the illnesses of the brain. It is trusted this can be brought about by the intrusion of insidiousness spirits or powerful powers.

Damshitra Chikitsa

Damshitra Chikitsa manages the expulsion of poisons by the purging of the safe framework. This is finished by taking in solid and nutritious nourishment. The poisons incorporate air and water contamination, vegetables, and minerals.


Bala Chikitsa

Bala Chikitsa manages the consideration of kids. The treatment enables guardians to directly from the introduction of the tyke till high school and covers all angles. This for the most part incorporates keeping up an appropriate safe framework and ensuring the tyke’s development is ordinary at all stages. The treatment likewise centers around the mother’s wellbeing amid the early existence of the tyke.

Jara Chikitsa

Jara Chikitsa manages keeping up wellbeing for longer life. Ayurveda trusts that the Ojo (life constrain) can be expanded with the assistance of Rasayana, the way toward backing off maturing.

Vrishya Chtikitsa

Vrishya Chtikitsa is a part of Ayurveda that clarifies the making of a superior society by delivering sound offspring. Fruitlessness and conditions identifying with feeble Shukra dhatu, all the more generally known as the fundamental regenerative liquids of the body are the different ailments that this branch manages.

Best Place for Ayurveda Treatments in Kerala

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